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Natural Impotence Treatments Work – Get VigRX


You know how great you feel during and after sex? That is because sex really is the elixir of life!  When you have sex, your body increases levels of natural chemicals like endorphins, growth hormone, and even hormones which keep your stress levels under control.  These natural chemicals not only make you feel good, but they are also good for your body.



Unfortunately, a lot of men are suffering from erectile problems.  Not only does ED ruin relationships, but it can also have a rapid degenerative effect on your health.  Pills like Viagra can force your penis into an erection.  However, the little blue pill isn’t going to give you the benefits of natural sex.


VigRX a Natural Solution for Male Sexual Health


Luckily, men now have many more options for dealing with erectile dysfunction.  VigRX is a male sexual health solution which has gotten a lot of attention.  It was first released in 2001.  Since then, it has been used by over 50 thousand men worldwide.  The popularity of VigRX is rapidly increasing as men realize how effective natural ED treatments can really be.



The primary indication of VigRX is to increase erectile function.  To do this, VigRX brings together a potent formula of all natural ingredients.  These ingredients are proven to:

  • Increase blood flow to the penis
  • Improve health of penis cells
  • Relax penis blood vessels


When you combine all of these benefits together, you are guaranteed to get a better erection.  The ingredients like piper nigrum L (black pepper), turnera aphrodisiaca (the Latin American plant Damiana), tribulus terrestris (puncture vine), epimedium sagittatum (horny goat weed), ginkgo biloba, and panax ginseng are all proven to make your erections become harder and longer lasting.


The potent ingredients will make your penis blood vessels dilate so they can get engorged with all the blood which pumps into them from increased circulation. By supporting penis cell health, you can be sure that your penis is holding its maximum amount of blood.  That means your erections will not only be rock hard, but also at their maximum size.



VigRX stands out amongst other natural Viagra alternatives because it also has many other benefits for male sexual health.  Other ingredients like ptychopetalum olacoides (muira pauma bark), erythroxylum catuaba (catuba bark), and fructus crataegi (hawthorn berry) will make sure that nerve receptors are properly working.  This means that you can get fully excited without any problems!  The ingredients in VigRX also make sure that your hormones are balanced so you are producing adequate amounts of testosterone.  Testosterone is crucial for semen production.  So, by taking VigRX you can get bigger, better orgasms!


Always go for a complete approach!


When choosing a male sexual supplement, it is really important that you go for the natural, complete approach.  What is good for your overall health is also going to be good for your erections in the long run.  We recommend VigRX because it contains only all-natural ingredients which have been backed by science.  The formula will make you feel great – and the sex you have will make you feel even better!


Can Pills Make Your Penis Bigger?

If you are like almost every other guy in the world, then you would like a bigger penis – even if you won’t admit it. With today’s modern medical knowledge, we only know of two ways to get a bigger penis: surgical operations and penis stretching. When you read about these penis enlargement methods in depth, you will probably start cringing at the amount of torture they involve for measly gains.


But what about all those pills which promise a bigger penis?


There are a lot of male enhancement pills out there which give the impression that they will make your penis bigger. NO PILL can make your penis grow bigger! Let’s be clear: your flaccid penis is going to stay the same size unless you stretch it, operate on it, or experience a miracle. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t benefits to penis pills.


Pills increase erection size


You probably don’t realize it, but your erections may be smaller than what they used to be. This is because your cell health is constantly deteriorating. Over time, your penis cells will become rigid and lose their strength. They won’t be able to hold as much blood and your erections will start to get smaller. Most men don’t even realize the effects that age is having on their penis until they look down and – poof! – their penis seems to have disappeared.


The way that penis pills work is by boosting your body’s natural system so you:
• Get increased blood flow to the penis
• Support cell membranes
• Keep vessels relaxed


Natural ingredients are surprisingly very effective in obtaining these results. The top penis pills VigRX even has a guarantee because all of their ingredients have been scientifically proven to get results.


When you start taking quality penis pills like VigRX, your penis health immediate improves. You will get better blood flow to your penis and your relaxed penis vessels will be able to take in more blood. The first thing you will probably notice is that your erections get incredibly hard. There are other benefits too, like larger ejaculations and improved stamina but these benefits are not linked to penis size.


Since your penis has more blood pumping into it, your erections will become bigger. As you keep on taking the penis pills, your penis cells will get a “workout” – meaning that they regularly are stretched out from the increased blood flow. These flexible, strong penis cells will be able to hold maximum volumes of blood. If your erection size has shrunk, then penis pills can help you get your penis back to its largest possible size.


The bottom line is that no penis pill is going to give you a permanently larger penis. However, the good ones like VigRX can help you get a bigger erection. Since erect penis size is the only size which matters, it is better to go for the pills instead of torturing yourself with penis enlargement.

How to Choose an Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction, often called impotence, is a physical condition in which a man cannot get an erection adequately firm to have sex. Erectile dysfunction can also occur if a man is unable to keep an erection long enough to have sex. In the past, ED was dismissed as a psychological condition or a problem related to old age. Now we know that ED is usually a physical problem. which can occur at any age.


It is common for all men to have performance troubles every once in a while. However, these problems should not be common. Even though one incidence of erectile dysfunction usually isn’t serious, it can have lasting consequences including causing the man to frequently worry before having sex. The worry then prevents the man from getting an erection which just furthers the problem.


Viagra and the other PDE-5 inhibitors (Cialis and Levitra) have been hyped up as the end-all solution to ED. However, these drugs are really only for severe cases of ED. Most men do not realize that Viagra does not even actually cure ED. Instead, it just forces your body to have an erection once stimulation occurs. Viagra will not fix the problem which causes the erectile problem in the first place.


Mild ED is a Sign of Poor Health
Even if you do not have severe ED, it is important that you acknowledge the problem. Impotence is a symptom not a disease. So, if your penis is consistently not getting completely hard, it is a sign that your health is failing. By taking measures to improve your health, you can completely reverse ED and prevent it from occurring in the future.

Assessing the Actual Problem
The first step for deciding which ED treatment is best is to assess what is causing your ED. This can be difficult because there are usually multiple factors contributing to erectile problems. The most common causes of ED include:
• Stress
• Diabetes
• Poor blood circulation
• Lifestyle factors such as smoking and obesity
• Medications or influence of alcohol/drugs
• Low libido
• High blood pressure


In almost all cases, these problems can be treated easily with lifestyle changes. By eating a healthy diet, men will be able to make sure that their penis cells are getting the proper nutrients for healthy erections. Exercise is one of the most effective treatments of stress-related ED. Exercise can also battle the other causes of impotence by bringing down blood pressure and improving heart health so more blood gets pumped to the penis.


There are supplements available which can be used to increase your overall health and erectile health directly. The most effective natural remedies for erectile problems include horny goat weed, spicy foods like pepper, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and muira pauma bark. You can ask your doctor about a good supplement for male health. The internet also has many great natural remedies available such as VigRX which contains supplements proven to give you better erections. These natural solutions are much safer and often more effective than the dangerous drugs like Viagra.


Eat Your Way to Better Erections!

Going back thousands of years through every culture, there have been natural remedies for impotence, low libido, and even low sperm count. For some reason, our recent ancestors have forgotten about these natural cures. Luckily, the demand for safe, effective remedies is growing. Now, scientists have proven the positive benefits of many foods for sexual health. Here are the best foods to indulge your penis!


Black Pepper
Spicy foods are great for blood circulation – the most critical aspect of getting an erection. Aside from pumping loads of blood into your penis, a natural circulation booster like black pepper also keeps blood flowing to your nervous system, increases libido, and can increase semen production. By spicing it up in the kitchen, you will really be able to spice it up in bed! If you aren’t a fan of spiciness, then go for a supplement made with black pepper exact. VigRX is one of the leading male supplements and it contains an incredibly powerful concentration of black pepper called Bioperine.


Gingko and Ginseng
You can find gingko and ginseng at most Asian food stores. However, their tastes may be a bit unusual for Western palates. Instead, head to the nearest health food store and pick up some gingko or ginseng tea. These Chinese herbs will help increase your stamina, strengthen blood vessels, improve circulation, boost libido, increase semen production, and also improve your overall health.


Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy for various ailments. Some cultures even ate the fruit to increase their braveness in battle! Now, science shows why pomegranate can boost braveness. The fruit contains potent antioxidants which will increase levels of nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is the chemical which makes your blood cells get wider. By drinking pure pomegranate juice, you can lower your blood pressure and feel more calm. With wider vessels, your blood will flow much easier throughout your body – including to your penis. Pomegranate has been hailed as one of the best natural Viagra alternatives.


Horny Goat Weed
Epimedium sagittatum, better known as horny goat weed, isn’t a food but it is an all natural plant which can cure impotence – and many other male sexual problems. As the name suggests, horny goat weed is a very strong libido booster.


The way that horny goat weed works is threefold. First, it strengthens your nervous system so you can respond to sexual stimuli better. Then, horny goat weed gets your blood going to your penis. It does this by causing your penis vessels to relax and get wider, swelling with blood. Most men taking horny goat weed report having erections bigger and stronger than ever before. Finally, horny goat weed is a PDE-5 inhibitor (that’s right, just like Viagra). It blocks the enzyme which makes your penis come down from an erection. That means your erections can last longer and you can get erect faster after climax. You can find horny goat weed as one of the key ingredients in natural impotence treatments like VigRX.

Does Penis Size Really Shrink with Age?

If you are already worried about having a small penis, then this news may come as a major blow to you: as men age, erection size usually gets smaller. In some cases, the penis can become permanently shriveled and diminish more than an inch in size. Before you get too worried about a shrinking penis, you should know that it is preventable.


What determines erection size?
Before you go measuring up in the locker room, you should realize that flaccid penis size has almost nothing to do with the size of your erection. Studies show that men with 2 inch flaccid penises and 5 inch flaccid penises can have the exact same size penises while erect. Thus, some people have coined the terms “growers” and “showers.” A grower penis will expand greatly during erection whereas a shower doesn’t expand much at all.


The reason that some men’s penises are able to expand so much is because they have flexible cells. When these cells get filled up with blood during erection, they are stretched well beyond their normal size. Some penises can even triple in size when going from flaccid to erect!


Of course, blood flow also has something to do with erection size. If you are unable to get enough blood to your penis, then your erection isn’t going to be as big.


Why does erection size shrink?
As you get older, your entire health starts to decline. With it, your cells also become unhealthy. They will not be as strong or flexible as when you were in your prime. When you get an erection, your penis cells aren’t going to hold as much blood. So, your erection becomes smaller. Since men usually also get weak blood circulation with old age, this just makes the problem worse and you could end up with a shriveled erection!


How to prevent a shrinking penis
The effects of aging (including a smaller erection) do not happen overnight. Instead, it is a gradual process which creeps up on you. That is why it is so important to start treating problems like erectile dysfunction before they occur.


If you want to keep your erections healthy into the future, then you will need to keep your male sexual system healthy. This is surprisingly easy now that we have the knowledge of modern medicine. There are natural supplements which can improve blood circulation to your penis so your penis cells get a regular stretching from all that blood flow. Our top pick for a male supplement is VigRX. It will keep the blood going to your penis, support penis cell health, and also give you a raging libido which you can put to use. It isn’t too late to start supporting your erection health with a natural supplement like VigRX.

How do I tell my boyfriend that he’s bad in bed?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for almost 2 years now, and we have a very strong relationship. The only area that worries me is our sex life…

My boyfriend needs to thrust very quickly in order to orgasm. Sometimes he needs my verbal encouragement in order to maintain an erection. I don’t mind talking dirty to him occasionally, in fact, sometimes I like it. But after over a year of rough and dirty sex, I’m beginning to feel like this might be a sexual crutch instead of a fun fetish.

I have talked with my boyfriend about my desire to have slower more intimate sex, and we have tried many times, but we have always failed. That is to say, we have “made love” until he starts to get flaccid, at which point I will either a) give up and “encourage him” so we can finish or b) continue to try fruitlessly for a while until he, embarrassed and humiliated, retreats to his side of the bed.

Both options suck.

The problem is twofold, the first is that it is difficult for him to stay hard. The second is that he is of less than average size, which, from my point of view only compounds the bad sex problem.

Despite all of this, I really love him and I really love being sexual with him. More importantly, I want to please him and I want him to be able to please me.

With this in mind, i was thinking of suggesting a natural (herbal) male supplement to him, called VIGrx Plus. How can I do this without crushing his manhood/confidence? I don’t want him to feel like I’m not attracted to him (I am) or that I don’t want to be with him (I do).

I desperately want to be able to have good sex with my boyfriend, and I feel like I’m out of other options. Please help.


You can give him polite encouragment – yes that’s good, slower, slower, yeah, yeah

Or break up.

Don’t tell him that he is bad in bed though – ouch!

what is better Out Of The?

Just Wonting to know

1. If anyone has tried these? and how did tey go?
2. What one out of the 2 would be good?
(only going to get a max of 4 months,
and i’m mainly after girth but 1-2″ on the length wont hurt)

VigRx Plus
Male Extra

(Note that these will be used with the Bathmate Goliath)

and if they dont work dont be a dick and write silly things, i already have a decient 8″ dick its just not HUGE like i want it

Thanks in Advance


There is nothin silly about tellling the truth. The truth is that your penis has reached it’s potential growth when your puberty is finished. You may swallow all the pills you like and in any combination that strikes your fancy but you won’t gain a single 1/4 of an inch. Not silly. Just the truth.

PENIS ENLARGMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

with dedication to the exercises and a 3 month supply, will vigRX plus or male extra penis enlargment pills actually work, ive read mixed reviews. please tell the truth, will i gain any perminant size using these pills and doing the exercises.

i dont understand how they could get away with saying they work if they dont.


There are no pills, potions, or exercises that will enlarge your penis. Genetics is the sole source of what you get. Whatever size you end up with, is it. Enjoy it, and make sure to use it wisely

My boyfriend can’t stay hard…?

By boyfriend can’t stay hard without kink. We’ve been dating for almost two years now, and after over a year of super rough sex, I’m beginning to think that this is more of a sexual crutch than a fun fetish.

I have talked with my boyfriend about my desire to have slower more intimate sex, and we have tried many times, but we have always failed. That is to say, we have “made love” until he starts to get flaccid, at which point I will either a) give up and “encourage him” so we can finish or b) continue to try fruitlessly for a while until he, embarrassed and humiliated, retreats to his side of the bed.

I’m really trying to be understanding and supportive, but I’m tired of bad sex and I feel like I’m running out of options.

Would it be unreasonable to suggest Vigrx plus (a Viagra-like herbal aphrodisiac)? If I do this, how do I bring it up so that I don’t injure his ego too badly? I don’t want to hurt my boyfriend’s feelings, but I do want to start having mutually satisfying intercourse with him. Please help.


The best way to approach this subject is to be open and honest about it, but explain to him that its not bad sex, its just that you don’t always enjoy your partner treating you too roughly in bed. You do need to feel loved and a physical demonstration of that would be nice too. Explain that you don’t mind a bit of kinky stuff now and again but all of the time is more or less over kill. Hopefully he will feel safe enough to open up to you and explain what his issue is, and perhaps try suggesting the herbal horny pills, perhaps even for you both. There are also creams that you can buy to rub onto his bits, they are found in adult shops. Men also can become flaccid if they are treated too hardcore, the sensation diminishes if not hammered so to speak. Maybe thats what is occurring also, if in which case there’s not alot you can do about a desensitised penis.
Best of luck,

ED help 4th try for answers?

I guess I am not clear what i need by answers I am getting. Here are facts

.50 year old male has trouble getting erection and keeping it. Sometimes losing erection during intercourse.
What I want is solution to this so I can again get erections without trouble and maintain them.
What I dont want is expensive solutions. Viagra and other script drugs cost too much. So do some over the counter solutions like Vigrx. Yohimbe products make me dizzy. I am currenlty trying tribulus but its too early to tell if it works. I am on day 13. I walk everyday so that isnt doing it either. Years ago (about 5) I was told I had low testerone. What I want is vitamins, herbs, exerecises (anything) that will increase my sex drive have me get erections easier and maintain them. I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars otherwise I would just ask Doctor for prescription. Something that cost less than .00 for one month supply would be great. I don’t want assumptions. If you tried it and it worked great if not supply some proof this works. If you have more questions then email me at larry.walker93@yahoo.com


Bottom line is everybody has ideas some costly some not some work some do not. Experiment with different solutions along with exercise until you get desired results